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Nepal Economics Olympiad 2022

NEO is a nationwide annual competition for Economics enthusiasts who are fascinated by all the economic theories, pricing mechanisms and have the potential to learn about personal finances, and are aspiring entrepreneurs in the making. As similar to Previous Years, We are organizing NEO 2022.

NEO 2022 Coverage

NEO 2022 in Number & Statistics

  • 110 Institutions
  • 513 Students
  • 7 Provinces (All Provinces)
  • 30 Guest Speakers
  • 10+ Partners

National Finalists Institutions

Event & Competition

Nepal Economics Olympiad is an event organized to discover, encourage, motivate, unite, train, challenge, and give chance to represent the nation internationally for high school students who are exceptionally talented in economics, business, and finance. The event is mainly focused on training and selecting five of the best high school students in the field of economics, business, and finance. The event will take place in two phases: Regional selection and National competition. 

The regional selection phase took place in different cities in the country and the top students were selected for the national competition that will take place in Kathmandu.  The conceptual knowledge, logical reasoning, and aptitude of students in economics, finance, and business were tested in the exams. 

The national competition was held for four days.

Preparation Resources

National Competition

The qualified students from the Regional Competition were provided weeks of preparation in Economics, Finance, and Business Case Analysis by the professionals & experts in their fields, and the past IEO participants of Nepal. The National Competition syllabus and study materials were released shortly after the conclusion of the regional competition.


The result of the regional and the national rounds are available. Please view the document form the respective button.

Final Report

The final report is available. Please click on the button below to view the document.

Sponsors and Partners

The team of NEO is extremely grateful to the sponsors and the partners of Nepal Economics Olympiad 2022 for making the event a GRAND SUCCESS.