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Message From The Founder President

‘The most important thing is to never stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.’ With the achievement of its ultimate purpose of encouraging young minds towards being inquisitive, asking the HOWs and WHYs, and eventually falling in love with the beauty of economics, Nepal Economics Olympiad (NEO) stands today in its fifth year of glory. We’ve been successful in motivating the heroes of tomorrow to spare no effort to get the best outcome; not just by competing with others, but by teaching them to stretch their own capacity, capabilities, and potential for their best achievable performance. Our olympiads are the truest example. 


The Olympiad is undoubtedly a “hunt” for the best talents of the country who enjoy and put effort into learning. There has always been a gap between the educational standard in the developed areas and that in the rural corners of the country. Moreover, even in the capital or other cities, the theories that a +2 student has to learn and the contents that an A-level student has to study are different. Hence, we felt the need to bridge this academic gap and established the olympiad as a medium to bring together and appreciate and work on the differences. We solely focus on providing the rightful mentorship to shape each and every young mind to explore the horizon and expand their capabilities. Teaching capable and young individuals to fight for what lies ahead and preparing them to compete with as well as learn from the talents the world has to offer, is our ultimate motto.  


No matter how old you grow or how much you age, the fact that life is a never-ending journey of learning, unlearning, and relearning never changes. Hence, the team of NEO has gathered up to try to teach young minds, through the olympiad, to think rationally or to learn to make correct choices; both in the questions of economics and finance or the questions of life! We leave no stone unturned to lead them into their world of possibilities and opportunities. And while in the olympiad, through the language of economics, who knows you might develop a lifetime of friendship! 


Hence, my fellow friends, be curious, read widely, and try out new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to being curious. Never stop questioning. Never stop learning. The opportunity cost of not participating in the olympiad might be too high! So, let’s learn together; Let’s grow together!