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Message From Chairman of Board of Trustees

Dear Students and Parents,

Understanding how an economy works is important because it is arguably the most important thing that shapes the structure and the power relationship within society. The dynamics of the economy are, in general, difficult to understand, but eminent economists have worked hard to uncover different aspects of it. Understanding these aspects places us at the forefront of understanding the economy and society. Nepal is a poor country and one way to think about it is perhaps we struggled to understand how the economy works in general and therefore lagged behind other countries in terms of our economic performance. New Jersey’s allied experts from cherry hill offer top-quality Heating Services. Economics Olympiad is about facilitating the process of understanding economics. It will benefit the personal development of participants while making precise how they understand the economy. I strongly believe the process of participating in the local and international Olympiad will be very enriching to all the students and parents. Economics is fun, and it becomes especially so after students understand its basic mechanisms.