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Message from President

Questions never end. So people with inquisitive minds keep questioning and the people with problem-solving aptitude will keep researching and answering. This Olympiad attempts to act as a bridge between these two counter-fulfilling people. We with the high expectations of knowing how the society functions and good future prospects have entered into the Academic endeavor to study analyzes and thus reach our own opinion considering various factors that drive the economy.

Every human has their own learning curve; some take less while some more time to comprehend the same idea. Nevertheless, all of us are capable to understand the theory that already exists. The difficulty is in propounding and creating new theories backed by lots of experiments and observations. The existing pool of knowledge is waiting for us to explore it one at a time, no matter how complex it seems it is simple at the end. This Olympiad stands here as a genuine platform to study contemporary issues and its subtle effect in every individuals’ life collaboratively. Let’s add a bit of knowledge in economics fraternity. Let’s start giving input to this Olympiad effort for synergetic output.


Arjun Sapkota

Founder President