Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. What exactly is the Nepal Economics Olympiad (NEO) ?

  • NEO is a national competition or a testing ground for Economics enthusiasts who are intrigued by all the theories, the prospect of learning about personal finances and are budding entrepreneurs in the making.


 2. Is it a school or diploma certificate course?

  • It is not a course per say but a competition where a student will be appearing for exams but with the prospect of learning more.


3.Why should I participate?

  •  If you are someone willing to polish your knowledge, learn from experts, represent the nation on the international platform, build international connections and be a team player- then this competition is for you.


4. How can I participate?

  • There are two routes to participate in this competition: through your respective institutions and individually. For the first option, you should  contact your school or college to register you for the regional competition. And for the second a form will be available shortly and you can register individually.


5. When is the Nepal Economics Olympiad 2021 happening?

  • The regionals will be held on January 9, 2021 and the national event tentatively on March 19-21, 2021


 6.Who is eligible to participate in the Nepal Economics Olympiad?

  •  Any high school student aged under 20, enthusiastic about Economics. The prospective student shouldn’t  have completed their high school education by December of the last year. 


7. I am a science student. Am I eligible for the Nepal Economics Olympiad?

  • Yes, absolutely because we don’t have any educational field barriers. We are in search of economics enthusiasts. 


 8.Is NEO an individual competition or a team competition?

  •  Teams of 5 students are registered by the college but your Economics exams will be graded individually and for the Business Case competition you may or may not be paired with your peers from your respective schools. But the students will be awarded individually. 


 9.What is assessed in the NEO and how is it done?

  • A student’s knowledge of Economic theories and their implementation in the real world, knowledge of maintaining your personal finances, your ability to work in a team and your ability to find a business opportunity in a problem. Because a problem is the source of an idea for a business.


10.Can a team of less than five members participate in the college registration category? If yes, what is the fee scheme?

  • Yes, a team of less than five members can participate in the college registration category. But, the fees scheme remains the same with the amount of Rs. 3000. 

11.Are certificates provided to the participants?

  • The top 60 who qualify for the finals from the regional competition will be awarded with a participation certificate stating that you were the top 60 out of hundreds. The winners will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals along with certificates as per statutes. The top 5 participants will represent Nepal in the IEO.


 12.Do you have any feedback or query? 

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