Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

  1. What is NEO (Nepal Economics Olympiad)?

    -NEO is a nationwide annual competition for Economics enthusiasts who are fascinated by all the economic theories, pricing mechanisms and have the potential to learn about personal finances and are aspiring entrepreneurs in the making.

2. Why should I participate in the competition?

-If you are someone who wants to unlock learning pathways, learn from professionals, represent their country on an international stage, make international connections, and work as part of a team, this competition is for you.

3. Who is eligible to participate in this competition? 

-Any high school student aged under 20 and hasn’t completed their high school education or is the recent high school graduates are eligible. You can participate even if you have never studied economics in school, and prepare using our resources.

4. I have already given my +2/A-levels exams and I am waiting for the results. Can I still participate?

-Yes, you can as long as you are in gap year and 20 years or younger.

5. What educational benefits do I get from participating in the Olympiad?

-The regional competition is purely based on the plus 2 and A level economics syllabus. Olympiad guides you to wear the lenses of economics and see the world. It triggers curiosity, encourages self-learning, and boosts self-confidence. Since you are learning the academic syllabus, it supports and enriches academic performance indirectly. –

6. How many stages is the competition divided into?

-The competition will be divided into three stages: Regionals, Nationals and International competition. In the regional competition, we test the economic fundamentals. From regional competition, Top 75 participants will get to participate in National Competition. In the National competition we have: Economics and Business Case Analysis, in which they will be able to demonstrate their understanding of economics as well as team spirit and leadership characteristics.

The top 5 students from the National competition will get to represent Nepal in International Economics Olympiad.

7. When does the Olympiad begin and end? 

-The regional round (preliminary round) will be held on 8 January 2022. The last date of registration for the 2022 competition is December 31st.  The final Olympiad will consist of multiple rounds and will run from 23 to 26 February  2022. 

8. Where is the Regional competition and National competition going to be held? 

-Regional competition will be held all over Nepal with more than 15+ exams centers. We will send you a notice regarding where the exams are going to be held when registration is closed. If you get closed, contact a reputed locksmith in Ireland and get an extra set of high-quality keys. At least one center will be in each province. The national competition is going to be held in Kathmandu College of Management ( KCM), Gwarko, Lalitpur. 

9. Can I participate in the program virtually? 

-Both the regionals and nationals are going to be held offline, that is, in person. Therefore, you must choose the nearest exam center for exams. 

10. I am a pure science student. Am I eligible or not? 

-Yes, it is an open platform for economics, business, and finance high school enthusiasts. It provides mentorship for students and tests students’ understanding.

11. What is the participation fee for the program? 

-The registration fees are free. However, if you make it to the national level of the competition, we would request your respective institutions to pay Rs.2000 per participant, or you are also free to pay it by yourself.

12. Are there any scholarship opportunities?

-Yes, a maximum of 15 scholarships is available for government school participants, out of 75 students chosen for the nationals will be waived the registration fees of Rs 2,000, which covers all the costs for the national competition. 

13. How are the teams divided for Business Case Analysis (BCA)?

-The teams are divided randomly. There will be three groups with five teams, each time consisting of five members in each team, with a total of 15 teams. Each team then competes within the group, and for the final round, three teams will be selected to present it in front of everyone. 

14. Can a team of 5 students participate in representing any institution? 

-Yes, you can, but it doesn’t mean all of the competitors from the registered team will be in the same team for the Business Case Analysis (BCA), provided everyone makes it to the nationals.

15. How can I prepare for the regional selection? 

-Be informed on the current economic activities and the local economy of our country and economic knowledge. Make sure to revise and be well informed of the theories of plus 2 economics books, and you will be good to go!

16. Does NEO provide any study material?

-Not particularly study materials, but we will upload some notes and past questions on our website. 

17. Will all participants receive certificates?

– Yes, National competition contestants (75 students) receive a printed certificate and digital certificate for all the regional competition students, (A printed certificate is also provided upon request). 

18. what is the prize and Award for winners?

 – The top five students are awarded gold medals. They will get the opportunity to participate in IEO 2022 in Shanghai, China in July 2022. Similarly, the subsequent top 10 get Silver and the other 15 get Bronze medals respectively on a merit basis. Likewise, BCA Team members, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners get Gold, Silver, and bronze medals. Juries Best will be awarded special awards.  


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