About Organization

Nepal Economics Olympiad is a non-profit organization that is established to provide young and aspiring economics students to showcase their talents. It is an authorized institution recognized by the International Economics Olympiad for the selection of talents in the field of economics within the country and facilitating them to represent the country in the International Economics Olympiad annually. Nepal Economics Olympiad’s mission is to mentor and equip high school students with the concepts, knowledge, and tools of economics, personal finance, and business to make them capable of making rational decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities. The organization is constantly working to fulfill the missions by promoting logical thinking and creative application of general knowledge in solving problems in high school students and discovering, encouraging, motivating, uniting, training, challenging, and giving chance to represent the nation internationally for high school students who are exceptionally talented in economics, business and finance. Also, it works in promoting awareness about economics, business, and finance in the general public and building strong friendly relations and understanding among young people interested in economics, business, and finance from all regions of the country.
The organization consists of three-layered structured consisting of the Board of Trustees, Executive Board, and Steering Committee. The Board of Trustees consists of the widely recognized economist, academicians, and public figures having a strong base in economics, finance, and business. The executive team is responsible for all the planning and policy formulations whereas the steering committee puts those plans and policies into action. There is a separate panel comprising eminent personnel to form a Jury Team to aid the fair merit-based selection. Last year, a team from Nepal who participated in International Economics Olympiad were able to bag a bronze medal which is a big achievement for us. The organization is trying to train the participants with the help of professional experts in each of the fields so that we can perform better in the International arena this year. Also, the organization is trying to be as inclusive as possible reaching different cities outside of the Kathmandu valley. The organization plans to expand the regional selection in all the major cities from east to the west in five years.