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About Us

NEO Nepal Economics Olympiad is an event organized to discover, encourage, motivate, unite, train, challenge, and give chance to represent the nation internationally for high school students who are exceptionally talented in economics, business, and finance. The event is mainly focused on training and selecting five of the best high school students in the field of economics, business, and finance. The event will take place in two phases: regional selection and national competition.

The regional selection phase will take place in different cities in the country and the top 75 students will be selected for the national competition that will take place in Kathmandu.  The conceptual knowledge, logical reasoning, and aptitude of students in the field of economics, finance, and business will be tested in the exams.


Our Missions

Contribute to boosting the high school educational curriculum in Finance, Business, and Economics​

Bridge to fulfill the gap between high school education and the University level studies

Promote the culture of research studies among the students through competitions, events, workshops, and sessions

Our Aims

Hunting the exceptional talented students in the field of economics, finance and business and then encourage, motivate and inspire them for paving way towards brighter future.

Conducting the programs with the aim of enhancing the critical and logical ability of young students to create problem solving aptitude.

Conducting various programs to create awareness among youths and students about economics, finance, business and entrepreneurship.

Networking platform for students, various industries and stakeholders

Researching, investigating and publishing in the subject matter of economics, finance, business and entrepreneurship.

Competition Categories

Nepal Economics Olympiad has three parts included in the competition: Financial Literacy, Economics Exam, and Business Case Analysis.

1. Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is an online simulation game where the participants create their personal financial plans.

  1. To stimulate financial literacy awareness among the students
  2. To encourage students to gain financial independence
  3. To promote the understanding of the financial market instruments among the high school students

2. Business Case Analysis

Students are given a real-world case study on which they will work on a team of five students. The team come up with a solution and recommendation following a detailed and deep quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Business Case Study.

  1. To provide the platform to apply the business strategies to the real-world cases
  2. To encourage students to take decisions based on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative factors in their life
  3. To build the ability to work in a team and communicate ideas professionally

3. Economics Exam

The Economics exam tests the understanding of the theory and practice of Economics through the combination of Multiple Choice Questions and Open Essay Questions.

  1. To test the reasoning and questioning ability of the students
  2. To allow the students to apply the economics theories to the real-world situations
  3. To motivate students to dive deeper into the ocean of the economic world

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